The Brutal Tootle

A unsupported, unmarshalled adventure in the Peak.

Returns in 2022

The Brutal Tootle - What's that about ?

The Brutal Tootle is an unsupported, unmarshalled adventure on the quiet roads, byways and bridleways of the glorious Peak District National Park. The event will return as part of our Peakland Gravel Grinder, a weekend of gravel based events in 2022

The event is based on the reliability ride format, where the aims is to successfully complete an un-signed pre-determined route within nine hours. The event is the similar in concept to our previous events, including the Hardcore100.

The event will be based in the heart of the Peak District. We'll confirm the exact location once the lockdown has finished.

Our idea is to get riders to think for themselves and not only test their riding skills but their ability to navigate. The 100 km route is around 30% off road on bridleways and byways. We'd recommend you use either a gravel, cyclocross or mountain bike - using a skinny tyred racing bike would probably result in a good walk. We've tried to pick a route that is rideable whatever the weather and covers varied terrain. We've 30 years experience of riding around this area so hopefully we'll be able to show you some of our favourite trails.

We have purposely not included any feed stations at the event. We would rather you bought food and drink on route to help our local small businesses and contribute to the communities you are riding through. However there will be tea, coffee and cake available at the event HQ when you get back from your ride. We think you'll have earned it by then ! We'll send you a GPX file with the route details the week before the event start. This way we can keep you in suspense as long as possible and stop you getting a cheeky practice in!

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The Brutal Tootle is an unsupported, unmarshalled ride accross quiet roads, byways and bridleways in the Peak District National Park. We like to keep things simple, however to help us, the communities and the environment you are riding through we do have a few rules to avoid us having sleepless nights worrying about you.

Any riders under 16 should be accompanied by an adult. All riders under 18 must enter with their parents permission.

The event is held on open roads.
All riders should obey the highway code.

Please wear a helmet.
If you don't you're nothing to do with us.

This is not a race. It is not timed, there are no prizes for getting back first.
If you want to race go to a different kind of event and pin a number on your back.

This event is unsupported and unmarshalled.
We don't offer mechanical support so make sure your bike works before you ride.

Sorry, no eBikes

The route is not signed. You will have to follow a GPX file that will be provided.
If you can't follow a map this event is probably not for you. If you do get lost, either ask a local, phone your mum or call a cab.

Riders should carry a spare inner tube, pump, multi-tool, waterproof.
It is recommended that you carry a basic first aid kit and some money for food and drink.

Please sign on at the start before you ride and when you finish.
If you drop out please let us know.

Don't be an idiot.
Slow down for walkers and horse riders and be nice to motorists. Nobody likes an idiot.

Please take any litter home with you.

Bar an apocalyptic event, this event will go ahead. No refunds will be given.
There are no refunds if you withdraw. However you can transfer your entry to another rider.

The GPX file is for people who've stumped up the cash and taken the time to support our event.
Think long and hard about what the answer will be before you ask if you can have a copy of the route for free.

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The Brutal Tootle is a Velotastic production. The event is entered at the riders own risk.